Arte Para la Vida Summer 2019


It's getting hot out there and that means less time in the field for this artist.  There will be fewer outdoor events until end of September/early October. Meanwhile there are some super cool indoor art events happening at some of my favorite breweries around town! Arte Para la Vida will be vending with Austin Flea at The Brewtorium on 7/13 and 8/10.  We will be joining Austin Flea at Skull Mechanix on 7/26 and 8/23 too!

APV is showcasing around the Austin area at the Santa Cruz Gallery, Jerry's Artarama, Cypress Grill, Magnolia ATX Salon, Urban Hair Salon, Fat Cat's Organic Coffee and Desserts, Cosmic Coffee, Bass Concert Hall, and UT Speech and Hearing Center.

I've been busy in the studio, taking advantage of the AC :)  Expect some new work to be available soon!

Have great days!